100 word- Complex

Three short 100 word stories (100 words each story inc title) for the theme Complex for a local competition.

Pregnancy test

We have been together for six years, married for four years and have spent the last three years trying for our own baby, so when the second line magically appeared on the pregnancy test my partner was of course thrilled. Seeing his excitement brought tears to my eyes, he looked at me concerned. I forced a smile, swallowed my guilt and told him they were tears of happiness. When in fact it was more complex than that. Do I tell him that the one night stand with his brother is the real reason the test finally shows positive?




Working for the NHS call centre brings a wide range of challenges, from crying mothers whose new born babies have a cold to the elderly lady who didn’t want to bother anyone but thinks she has broken her hip. I still remember my most complex call. A teenager phoned saying he was hearing voices, which had led him to climb on top of a multi-story car park. He was confused and unable to communicate his location, I frantically begged him for any key information, to just talk. I heard his scream as he fell, the phone line went dead.


God complex

Pulling up in yet another new Lamborghini, Raj rolls down his window and beckons for the blonde hostess to join him. The blonde gets in the car, boasting raj’s ego even more. Only two nights ago he was escorted out of the club after starting an argument regarding driving when intoxicated, according to Raj he was never wrong. He strongly believed his wealth meant he could do anything he wanted and even the laws didn’t apply to him. Without a doubt Raj had a god complex about himself, shame he is going to hell after hitting that oak tree.



Used to be

A challenge I found on facebook, here are the details and my entry.

Details: You are invited to write a story based on the old joke, ‘I used to be indecisive but now I am not so sure.’
Story title is Used To Be but can be written from any angle. Somewhere in the 200 word text your submission will say ‘I/He/She/You/it’ used to be XYZ but now…….



Used to be

My obsessive love of dogs technically happened before I was even born, after all my mother did name me Buddy, which everyone knows is one of the most common dog names. My nursery was decorated with puppy dogs and my first toy was a cuddly soft spaniel. When I got my own puppy named Bailey it was no surprise to anyone. He was the best bundle of fluff on four paws that I had ever met. I even found sleeping on the memory foam dog bed next to him to be easier to sleep on then my own bed. We shared ice cream at the park, with his wet rough tongue licking half while I would lick the other side. He was my only real friend for three years, that is until one day when we were at the dog park and another dog approached us. Within moments Bailey was growling, snarling and biting this strange dog. To protect my best friend, I tried to separate them. Unfortunately, my arm was mauled in the confusion. I needed 21 stitches and lost my best friend in the ordeal. I used to be a dog person but now I suffer from Cynophobia.

40 things before 40

To follow on from my 30 next? post here is my wish list for 40 things before I turn 40 years old. I will update when I complete any of them and add more when I think of them.

  1. Up close encounter with a wolf.
  2. Go in a hot air balloon
  3. Go in a helicopter
  4. Visit a spa
  5. Visit Germany including auschwitz concentration camp
  6. Go to all 6 Disney castles (Florida, paris, hong kong, Shangi, California, Tokyo)
  7. Write/publish own book
  8. Try archery
  9. Go on a safari abroad
  10. Gamble in Las Vegas
  11. Get a mortgage
  12. Breed a pet
  13. Shoot a gun
  14. Visit Canada/yellow stone
  15. Have a horse and carriage ride.
  16. See the northern lights
  17. Run a 5k
  18. Shower in a waterfall
  19. Sleep under the stars
  20. Go to Oktoberfest
  21. Ride a Segway
  22. Drive a off roader
  23. Get a C1 license
  24. Travel to Scotland
  25. Travel to Ireland
  26. Write a will
  27. Knife/axe throwing
  28. Attend a comicon dressed up
  29. Handbrake turn
  30. Go on a zip wire
  31. Grow own food
  32. Try Yoga
  33. Have lunch/dinner at a posh London bar
  34. learn to pole dance
  35. Learn to ballroom dance and wear a ballroom dress
  36. Visit Australia
  37. Climb a mountain
  38. Take Zira to a beach
  39. Go to italty
  40. Falconry


So this is the list so far, I have a couple of plans to start ticking them off and will update as I go ahead. Wish me luck and please share any of your 40 plans before you turn 40.

30 next?

So we have just booked our trip to Disney word Florida for my 30th birthday in Jan next year and its got me thinking on what I have all ready done with my life and what I want to achieve next. I started a 40 things before I turn 40 list (which I will share on here) but I thought it would also be a great thing to write a list of all the amazing experiences I have already achieved, especially as some may be on other peoples wish lists. So here is my list of life experiences I have been lucky enough to already achieve. (In no particular order)

  1. Had a baby! of course the top thing on my list has to be having my son Emmet. Although the pregnancy and difficulties after were very hard. I am really proud that I was able to give birth to him naturally with just gas and air. Its an experience that I will remember for ever.
  2. Got married- Not only will our trip to Florida be celebrating me turning 30 it will also be our 5th wedding anniversary. I feel very lucky to have met the man of my dreams and married him.
  3. Donated blood- This is a very important one for me a big fan of needles and faint at the sight of my own blood (fine with other peoples) but I made myself a promise to donate at least once a year as its soo important.
  4. See a concert- I tried to see a concert 6 years ago with my partner however the performer cancelled last minute leaving me very disappointed. Two years ago however my best friend won a last minute competition to Paris to see One republic in concert and she took me. It was AMAZING so a great band very glad it was my first concert.
  5. Visited Paris- As the above experience states my best friend took me to Paris from a competition she won and it was the first time I had been there. We got to see most of the main attractions, defiantly planing on going back in future.
  6. Raise £5,000 for charity- I have done a lot of charity work throughout the years. One I am very proud of is winning the Arriva community challenge for Community first responders by directing a promotional video. The success of winning meant 3 new defibrillators and a lifting machine to help the local community.
  7. Get a tattoo- I actually have 3 tattoos now.
  8. Preform on stage- I was in Bugsy malone and west side story at our local theatre (acting/dancing not singing)
  9. Model- when I was 15 years old I was asked to model for a wedding dress company and that lead to a number of modelling jobs up to the age of 19.
  10. Visit Disneyworld Florida- the reason I started this list is because we have just booked a trip to florida for my 30th but I have actually been to florida twice before the first time on my 21st birthday and the second for our honeymoon on my 25th birthday. It really is a magical place.
  11. Won a competition- Previous posts will already have told you I am a bit of a comper, however in the last year I have won some of the biggest prizes including a £2,500 sofa, Playstation4, £500 holiday hamper, £250 UK holiday voucher. So it is a hobby I would recommend and glad I do.
  12. Published a short story- I have had a few short stories published in anthologies (you can find details on other posts) my next aim is to have a novel published.
  13. Visit Wales- We went to wales on my 29th birthday for the first time, it was a lovely experience we going back in June this year for a couple more days in a different area. On our first visit we went to cardiff castle.

Stick with me

Rummaging in my jean pockets I emptied the contents on to the empty bar, £1.31 in change, a paper clip and a heart shaped stone. So the first month of business hasn’t gone as well as we had thought. We still wont be able to afford to eat out this month, but as I rubbed the heart stone between my fingers I finally knew what I wanted to call our bar.

I grabbed the mobile and called Steve at the sign shop. Luckily he owes me a favour so it wasn’t going to cost me anything I tell him my idea. He promised to get it done by that evening.






Smoke and mirrors

He watched the show from the backstage for the third time this week, the way the dancers appeared in the smoke and preformed the stunning dance moves was captivating.

After the audience clapped, and left the theatre it was time for him to do his job, clean the stage ready for the next performance. As he got the broom to sweep the stage, he accidentally pushed the smoke machine button filling the stage with smoke. He looked around, noticing he was alone he started the dance he had watched just hours before. As he finished he took a bow at the invisible audience and was shocked when he heard the clap of someone by the backstage.


Written for the creative photo prompt April 11th. Link found below. https://www.creativewritingink.co.uk/resources/writing-prompts/


In a world were a teen boy wearing a hoodie means I am a chav, gangster or up to no good. Its really hard to find somewhere safe to practice, so yes it may look odd seeing me at 6am in the local woods playing with cards. Its the only place I feel safe to practice the hobby I love most, unlike the other youths In the area I am more likely to pull a white dove from my sleeve than a knife. I will shock you with my show man ship and manners rather than making you rush away from unwanted swear words. So please don’t judge me on my appearance until you have seen the magic I can preform.


Written for the creative photo prompt on April 4th, link found below.


Seed from sand

“You can survive this Lucy, I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but you will. “

“The doctor said its Cancer Cassie, it’s not a cold I will get over in a week. It might actually ………. Well you know.” Tears fill the corners of my eyes, how am I going to tell my mother if I can’t even say the word without crying.

I feel Cassie’s hand stroke my arm bringing me back into the present, still sitting in the doctors waiting room.

“Lucy lets go home and then if you want I can stay with you while you let your mum. I’m here for you”

She weakly smiles at me, I know she’s trying to help but her pity makes me feel even worse about the news. Just two hours ago she was fighting with me about wanting to stop at costa for a coffee before attending this appointment.

“I just want to go home alone Cassie please, I need time to take it all in.” I stand and head for the door before she has time to argue with me again.

We both ride back to mine in silence, I stare out the window watching the world wiz by in a blur. As we pull up Cassie reaches over to hug me goodbye. “If you need me, just call” she whispers in my ear.

I nod my head and climb out the car before my tears start to fall again. I can feel Cassie gaze on my back as I walk down my path and go through the front door, I don’t turn around.

Once I am alone I head to my laptop and do the one thing the doctor suggested I should avoid, I google cancer. As expected its page after page of the extreme cases, however one link catches my eye. “Seed from sand” it’s a random name to be linked with cancer so it draws my attention and within moments I have found what I didn’t know I was looking for. A page dedicated to cancer survives which includes a forum with honest helpful advice. The page logo is a tiny bud growing in a sandy desert which symbolises “hope even in the hardest environment”.

Crumbled sheets, with notes.

I lay silently in the crumbled-up bed sheets, focusing on my breathing so he will think I am still asleep. The hotel alarm clock shines in the dark room showing the 4:05am time, I sense him pulling on his jeans and the small light from a mobile phone screen lights up the other side of the room. A few moments later the room door creaks open as he makes his speedy exit must likely back to his marital bed with his wife.

Breathing a big sigh of relief, I stretch my tanned legs out of the bed covers heading straight to the door to make sure the latch is put back on. I don’t want him to return now his left, not unless his willing to pay extra. I glance over at the alarm clock checking to see how long I have before room keeping will start doing their rounds. The male security guard doesn’t mind my business, especially when I slip him a sly £20 and a suggestive wink but housekeeping will happily report me before I even get the chance to open my bag for a bribe. I decided I don’t have enough time to crawl back into the covers for a quick nap so I head over to the TV cabinet, the brown envelope he left is still there, packed with £50 notes but that’s not what I am after. I remove my prize from on top of the TV if I hadn’t placed it there myself it would have been almost impossible to see. In my hand was my real reward, a tiny video recorder. I plug the file into my phone to check that I got the footage I needed to get paid. After a brief flicker the phones screen shows the bed, I have just sat back down on with a clear view of Stuart’s face as he lies on it just hours before unbeknown to him that this night was not only going to make him famous but also ruin his career. I watch myself on the screen slowly unzipping my black dress to reveal the same lacy red underwear I am wearing now. I smile at the screen; my acting is on point if Hollywood paid more I may have considered changing career. I managed to film the whole steamy event without once showing my own face in the shot while showing Mayor Stuart’s several times.

Now that I have the footage I need I count the money left in the envelope, it’s always nice to get a tip for a job well done even if it was paid by the person I was going to ruin. He definitely didn’t seem to mind last night as he slipped me his room key, or brought my drinks all evening. Its about time for me to get dressed and leave the room before I am witnessed, so far its only me, Mayor Stuart and the Security guard that know I am here and both the mayor and security guard think I’m a busty blonde with blue eyes and a pink butterfly tramp stamp tattoo. Which is another great perk of my job, the range of disguises is only second to Hollywood film premiers. One day I can be a busty blonde the next I am a dark headed dominatrax. Matching the fetishes of the targets makes the job run more smoothly and means that when it’s a high scale client that will try and sue its almost impossible for them to prove it was a set up.




It was just like all the movies papa had let me watch, the boat bounced along the water as the statue of liberty appeared above the Fog. Showing us that we had finally reached the land of Freedom, soon we would be welcomed by long lost family and our lives would finally begin. It had been a difficult 4 years, with Papa on the run for a crime he didn’t commit.

Papa smiled down at me, gripping my hand in his.

The ringing of the gun shot’s wouldn’t leave my ears as a stranger peeled my papa’s dead hand from mine and dragged me to safety. She was talking to me but I couldn’t understand the accent, looking down at my top there was blood which wasn’t mine. my whole body was frozen in place. The lady was trying to make me talk, I could tell she was desperate by her facial expressions but I just didn’t understand.

I must have passed out, as when I opened my eyes I was no longer on a boat or in blood covered clothes. I called out for papa, with no answer I was to frighted to attempt moving. I curled up on the tiny cot bed and stared at the room I was in, maybe it was all just a horrible dream? than out the corner of my eye I spotted the torch of the statue through a window. This didn’t feel like the Freedom we had planned, tears fell down my check as I closed my eyes.



Written for the creative photo prompt on march 15th 2018

link- https://www.creativewritingink.co.uk/resources/writing-prompts/